Our American Mammoth Jackstock

Kaldakur Glory Bea

2019 jenny from Harriet.  

Kaldakur Gretel

2019 sorrel jenny foal from Thelma Lou.  If you want to see cute, come see Gretel.  She is friendly and well structured.  We look forward to seeing her grow!

Thelma Lou

Thelma Lou was purchased as a trained saddle donkey in the fall of 2018.  She has a nice stocky conformation.  She gave us a beautiful sorrel jenny foal in April of 2019.


Harriet was purchased as a trained saddle donkey on fall 2018.  She has a kind heart and is responsive under saddle.  She is due to have a foal in July 2019.


Abigail is a sweet 2006 spotted bay/brown jenny.  We bought her as an older animal that hadn't had much handling or training.  She was our first experience training a saddle donkey.  She was and still is a challenge, but has been a great teacher on how to train and handle donkeys.  She's a farm visitor favorite!

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