Farm Products
Farm to Table Beef

We sell all natural, pasture grazed Dexter beef.  We raise smaller size cows to maximize their efficiency and provide value to the customer.  We do not use grains, hormones or antibiotics.  Our cattle have just the right amount of fat when raised on good pasture, not too lean and not too fatty.  We utilize rotational grazing, and they are fed quality hay cut by us in the winter.  Our cattle are tended to and doted on daily, and we know each one personally.  We want the highest quality of life for our animals and we have the utmost respect for what they give to us.


Our steers hang at approximately 350-400lbs.  This is about half the size of a regular Angus type steer.  One great thing about buying a full Dexter steer, is that you get a better choice of cuts because you have both halves to custom cut.  One example is you can have rib roast from one side and rib steaks from the other.  If you only bought a half a steer you would have to choose one or the other.  The steaks from smaller steers are surprisingly large, they are a perfect adult serving size.  Dexter beef is a dark, rich color, nothing like grocery store beef.  You may have your beef custom cut by your choice of butchers.

Our 2021 beef is sold out, please contact us if you are interested in being put on the list for a 2022 beef.

Farm to Table Pork

We have freezer hogs available for 2021, with a processing date of August 2nd at RRR Processing in Buckley. 


The price is $2.60/lb hanging weight plus processing fees from RRR.  Custom cut to your preferences. 


Please contact us if you are interested.