Irish Dexter Cattle For Sale

Our entire herd is non-PHA (either tested or obilgate).  We are focusing on the Legacy/Traditional preservation project, so are selling some of our modern bred cows.  They are great cows, they just don't fit the bloodlines for the project.  All cattle are RFID tagged, and I can arrange out of state Vet paperwork at the buyers expense.  Most cattle are registered with Legacy, and some are also registered with PDCA and ADCA.  I can register most cattle with any registry at the buyers expense if desired.  Contact us for details.


Cow and 2019 bull calf pair for sale.  Tri-registered cow, she grows large calves and is a good mother.  She is naturally short, non-chondro, non-PHA.  She is exposed to Legacy Jams Dunder for a 2020 calf.  Queen Ann is pictured with her 2018 heifer calf, but her 2019 calf included in the sale is a full sibling chondro bull calf.  Will separate if desired.

Legacy: L02676HP-08HH


2016 black Traditional horned cow.  Exposed to Legacy Jams Dunder for 2020 calf.  Good mother, nice udder, no birthing issues, grows a large calf quickly.  Non-PHA, triple registered.

Legacy: L02602TH-16HH


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