Farley - SOLD!

Farley was born June 3, 2018.  We own his mother, Harriet, who is our daughter's 14h riding donkey.  His sire was named Oscar, and he was 14h as a two year old.  Farley is friendly, and is learning to walk on a lead and have his feet worked with.  He was trimmed 12/7/18.  He does allow you to handle his feet and clean them, but does need practice with the farrier.  We have not tied him as I worry about their necks at a young age.  He is very agreeable to being groomed and touched all over (I have not handled his ears much as we are still in the "friend making" stage with him).  Farley is a social butterfly, always wanting to know what you are doing and if you are going to give his big head a hug or not.  He has a great personality and is very willing to learn.  He has been turned out with mammoth donkeys, horses (mares and geldings) and a mini donkey.  We have cattle in an adjoining pasture and he does not seem bothered by them.  Feel free to contact us for more information.  We are willing to help arrange shipping.

Photos of Farley
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