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Freezer Pork


We are sold out of pork for 2021, if you would like to have us raise a hog for you in 2022 - contact us to be put on the list for next year.  We will contact you in the Spring to confirm your reservation.  Thank you to all our 2021 customers!

Buying a half or whole hog for the freezer is a great way to stock up and guarantee a steady supply of quality meat for your family.  We are always available to help if you have more questions or would like a sample cut sheet.

How it Works

We raise the hogs until they are about 7 months old, and weigh around 300lbs.  We then deliver the hogs to a USDA certified processor, who will take your custom cut order.  The actual price of the hog is determined by the hanging weight that the processor gives us, and is charged by the pound.  We shoot to have our hogs hang at approximately 200lbs +/- 20 lbs.  Hogs are unique individuals and some will be larger, and some smaller.  If you have a size preference, we will do our best to accommodate you.  A 300lb live weight hog will yield approximately 150lbs of cut meat, which the processor will label, vacuum pack and freeze.  The actual yield depends on your custom cutting instructions, and by the hog - they are individuals in size, weight and build.  We pick up the meat when the processing is finished, and make arrangements with you for pickup at our farm.  We will take your payment via cash, check or PayPal (plus 3% processing fee for credit cards) for the hog plus the processing costs.

How Much Does it Cost?

We price our hogs by the hanging weight.  This is the weight of the dressed carcass, a number that we are given by the processor.  Our 300lb live hogs yield approximately a 216lb dressed carcass (aka hanging weight).  Our 2021 pricing is $2.60/lb hanging weight for a whole hog ($2.70/lb half hog), so the cost of the hog is approximately $561.60 ($2.60 x 216lbs = $561.60).  We do not know the exact cost until the processor tells us what the hanging weights are, so we cannot bill you until the processing is finished. 


The processing/cutting cost is priced separately, because there are many custom options available to the customer.  A customer that wants more brats and smoked products is going to have a higher bill than someone that just has the regular cuts plus hams.  A rough estimate of a typical processing cost with smoking the hams and bacon, and some sausage is likely between $180 - $220.  This charge is paid to us at the time of pickup. Again, the total processing fees depend on the individual hog and your cutting choices.  You may also take your hog home and process it yourself, or bring it to the processor of your choice.  

What Will I Get Back From The Processor?

Here is a theoretical example of the breakdown of a hog that weighed 300lbs live weight.  This is just an estimate, your cut selections and the size of your hog will determine your final breakdown.  The lard and trim are discarded items from the processing process (although you can request to have the lard saved).

Breakdown of 300lb Hog


Loin Roast/Chops



Shoulder Butt Roast, Chops

Shoulder Picnic





Total Minus Lard/Trim





















Freezer Space, How Much Do I Need?

The rule of thumb on freezer space is that you can fit approximately 35-40lbs of packaged meat per cubic foot of freezer for packaged meat (odd shapes like a whole leg ham will add needed space).  Home refrigerator freezers (top freezer models) run around 4-5 cubic feet.  A whole hog will take up around 4.5 cubic feet of freezer space (150lbs / 35lbs per cu ft = 4.29cu ft.

I'm Ready For A Hog!

If you are ready for a hog, please contact us so we can reserve one for you.  We do a limited number per year, and once they are gone, they are gone until the next year.  If you would like to be put on a list for the upcoming year, please let us know and we will contact you in the spring to confirm your reservation.  

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