Sheepskin Pelts and Horns

We offer beautiful Icelandic sheep skins in a variety of colors.  Unless otherwise noted, these are lamb skin pelts, the ultimate in softness and luxury.  The Icelandic pelt is very soft and flexible due to its combination of thel and tog. The warm undercoat combined with the long, soft hairs of the outer coat make these fleeces unique.  Hides are sent out to be professionally chrome tanned allowing the hide to stand up to perspiration and water. The leather is soft and supple, with a suede finish.

How we measure: We measure the suede on the tanned hide side. For length, we measure from the center of the "neck" to the crotch between the "legs" of the pelt. This means that the pelt will actually appear larger as the legs extend further. For width, we measure at the center belly. The length of the the wool will actually add up to 8" all around to the over all size when viewed from the fleece side.

Pelts are not uniform in color, dimension or shape and therefore no two pelts is alike.  Most pelts have a few small holes on the suede side from the tanning process.  They are not visible from the front, and do not affect the beauty of the pelt.  Every pelt is unique in shape, size and dimension.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

White Pelt 3c

Beautiful white with antique highlights pelt, fleece is approximately 3"-6" long.  35" x 22".


Black Grey Pelt 161

Beautiful black grey pelt, fleece is approximately 3"-7" long.  35" x 22".


Black Grey Pelt 162

Beautiful black grey pelt, fleece is approximately 3"-6.5" long.  This fleece has extra undercoat making it ultra plush.  33.5" x 22".


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