• 2016 Paso Fino Mule John (Gelding)

  • Spotted bay with dun stripe/cross

  • Approximately 13.2h

  • UTD on trims, dewormed with Quest + 2/7/22, 3 way plus WNV 7/6/21, teeth floated 8/27/20

  • Current Coggins

  • $1000 Firm


Jed leads and ties.  His feet are easy to handle and trim.  We have bathed him, and he does clip - you just have to be very careful around his ears.  He likes his ears scratched but balks at you touching them to move them around.  I have had a saddle pad on him in the barn and led him around but he does not have any saddle training.  He has been trailered twice since I bought him, one 3hr ride and another 10hr ride.  He does not like to stand on the trailer and will paw/fuss until you move, then he settles down.  He has been stalled quite a bit, and he hates it.  If you leave he does calm down (I've watched him on camera) but if you are there he fusses.  He fusses less with a quiet horse next to him.  He feeds off other animals.  Easiest animal to catch in the pasture.  He is a character.



Jed loves to play and interact with humans and other horses/mules.  He will chase smaller animals, like mini donkeys and mini cattle/calves, so I don't recommend turning him out with animals of that size.  He is medium in the pecking order of the herd, he'd like to be on top, but the boss mare says no and he listens.  He loves to play with the other horses, he loves traffic cones and will carry them all over.  He plays tug o' war with my gelding with the cones.  He will greet you with a bray every time he sees you.  If you are in the field he wants to be right there with you.  He tries very hard to please, even when he is afraid or in a new situation.  He is a spunky personality, he isn't a dead head.  He needs a regular job to get into a routine, I overestimated the amount of time I was going to have to put into him.