Our Icelandic Horses

Einsi from Kaldakur

2017 silver buckskin dun gelding

Einsi is Amy's riding prospect. He is very easy going and very easy to look at!

Einsi is most likely 5 gaited.

Silfri from Twisted E x Ársól from Creekside Farm


Brynjar from Twisted E

2007 bay pinto stallion

Brynjar is handsome, has an exceptional personality with fantastic gaits and beautiful self carriage. He is honest and very easy to train - everything we want in a stallion. He consistently passes trainability onto his offspring. With 20 foals under his belt, we know what to expect from his offspring.

Brynjar is 5 gaited, gait tested AA. Color testing Ee AA nT.

Glæsír frá Húsey x Lauga frá Hraukbæ


Ársól from Creekside Farm

2011 buckskin mare

Ársól is very quiet and easy going, not afraid of anything. She passes on great personality to her offspring.

Ársól is 5 gaited, gait tested AA. Color testing Ee Aa nCr.

Álfadans frá Ingólfshvoli x Prinsessa from Rocking R


Kilja from Twisted E

2009 black dun mare

Kilja is a super sweet mare with a kind personality. She passes on loose gaits and good personality to her foals.

Kilja is 5 gaited, gait tested AA. Color testing Ee aa nd1/nd2.

Ljósi from Icelandic Thunder x Náttdis from Clear Lake Farm