Our Icelandic Horses

Brynjar from Twisted E

2007 bay pinto stallion


Brynjar is the pride of our farm.  He is handsome, has an exceptional personality with fantastic gaits and self carriage.  He is honest and very easy to train - he has everything you could want in a stallion.  He consistently passes trainability, personality and gaits onto his offspring.  We have sold many of his foals (he's been our main stallion for 10 years now!) that have gone on to be excellent family horses - with references to back that up. 


Brynjar carries red and is homozygous for agouti.  Ee AA n/To

Sire: IS1992157560 - Glæsir frá Húsey    
Dam: IS1989265372 - Lauga frá Hraukbæ

FEIF ID US2007103654

Spá frá Langhúsum

1997 grey (buckskin) mare

Spá is a favorite here.  She is beautiful, fun to ride and has great gaits.  She is very well bred, being an own daughter of Feykir frá Hafsteinsstöðum.  Her mother is a Hervar frá Sauðárkróki daughter.  She's Kolkuós bred on the top and bottom.  If you can pry one of her foals away from me - you will have something special!  

 Sire: IS1977157350 - Feykir frá Hafsteinsstöðum    
 Dam: IS1986258035 - Hervör frá Brimnesi

FEIF ID IS1997258035

Kilja from Twisted E

2009 black mare


Kilja is a sweet mare with extra supple gaits.  She loves attention and is a large, thick mare suitable for larger riders.  She is a light black with dun markings, but DNA tested just plain black.  Bred to Brynjar for a 2020 foal.

 Sire: US2006103276 - Ljósi from Icelandic Thunder    
 Dam: CA2004201877 - Náttdis from Clear Lake Farm

 FEIF ID US2009201453

Ársól from Creekside Farm

2011 light buckskin mare


This mare is by the dashing Álfadans frá Ingólfshvoli, an Orri frá Þúfu son.  She has a super personality and big gaits.  She produces beautiful foals with her superb personality.  Bred to Brynjar for a 2020 foal.

 Sire: IS1996187025 - Álfadans frá Ingólfshvoli    
 Dam: US2001202356 - Prinsessa from Rocking R​

FEIF ID US2011204486

Einsi from Kaldakur

2017 Silver Buckskin Dun Colt


Einsi is being retained to be trained as a riding horse.


Sire: US2010104313 - Silfri from Twisted E    
Dam: US2011204486 - Ársól from Creekside Farm

FEIF ID US2017105203

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