Our Dexter Herd

Our focus on breeding is for Legacy and Traditional bred animals, but we do have some beautiful Modern bred cows that we love dearly, and hold onto.  We prefer dwarf cattle and actively breed for chondro-carriers. 


We are focused on selecting cattle for low birth weight, but fast growing after birth.  We want milky cows with nice tight udders, as they produce those fast growing calves we love to see.  While A2/A2 milk is preferred from our cows, it is lower on our list of needs for a good breeding cow. 


All of our breeding herd is DNA genotyped and registered with Legacy Dexter Cattle Registry.  Some animals are also registered with ADCA and/or PDCA also (all are eligible).  Our entire herd has been tested to be PHA negative, so all offspring are obligate negative for PHA.  We only test for chondro where there is a question, the majority of our animals are very obviously one or the other.  As a gentle reminder, chondro carriers should only be bred to non-carriers.  When breeding a carrier to a non-carrier there is zero chance of a bulldog calf.

Legacy Jams Dunder

Dunder is a dun A2/A2 Legacy non-chondro bull with great conformation and a gentle personality.  Dunder is truly an all in one package!  Dunder is covering our short cows for May 2021 calves.

Legacy Dartraigh Galileo

Galileo is a black A1/A2 chondro carrier Legacy bull.  Born in February 7, 2019 from Legacy Jams Te Baisteach and Legacy Jams Caisey, at the time of his birth, he was one of only two Legacy chondro carrying bulls left alive, so he is very special.  He is very stocky, has a nice topline, and is out of a cow that throws fast growing calves and has a great udder.  Galileo is covering our tall cows for May 2021 calves. 

Legacy Jams Caisey

2010 Black cow

Registration:  L00822LH-10HH

Chondro: Non-carrier (untested)

Milk: A1/A2

Legacy Jams Caesun x Legacy Blue Caitlin

Daylily Acres' Milkweed

2014 Dun cow

Registration:  L02636TH-14HH

Chondro: Carrier

Milk: A1/A2

Haas-E-N-Da Kalvin x Daylily Acres' Clover

Kaldakur Delilah

2016 Black cow

Registration:  L02634HP-16PH

Chondro: Non-Carrier

Milk: A1/A2

KRV Sir Iron Mountain x KRV Miss Honey Dew

Kaldakur Eulalie

2017 Black cow

Registration:  L02952HP-17HH

Chondro: Carrier

Milk: A2/A2

LPFM Lakeport SM Marcus x Kaldakur Delilah

Legacy Dartraigh Clodagh

2018 Black cow

Registration:  L03316LH-18HH

Chondro: Non-carrier (untested)

Milk: A1/A2

Legacy Jams Te Baisteach x Legacy Jams Caisey

Kaldakur Fannie

2018 Black heifer

Registration:  L03315HP-18HH

Chondro: Carrier (untested)

Milk: A2/A2

LPFM Lakeport SM Marcus x KRV Queen Ann

Kaldakur Flossie

2018 Black heifer

Registration:  L03314HP-18HH

Chondro: Carrier (untested)

Milk: A1/A2

LPFM Lakeport SM Marcus x KRV Miss Honey Dew

Legacy Kaldakur Gretchen

2019 Black heifer

Registration:  L03767LH-19HH

Chondro: Non-Carrier (untested)


Legacy Preserve Mackey x Legacy Dartraigh Clodagh

Kaldakur Gussie

2019 Dun heifer

Registration:  L03768TH-19HH

Chondro: Carrier (untested)

Milk: A2/A2

Legacy Jams Dunder x Daylily Acres' Milkweed

Kaldakur Hilda Mae

2020 Dun heifer




Legacy Jams Dunder x Daylily Acres' Milkweed

Kaldakur Henlie

2020 Black heifer


Chondro:  Non-carrier (untested)

Milk:  A2/A2

Legacy Jams Dunder x Kaldakur Eulalie

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