Our Dexter Cattle Herd

Legacy Jams Dunder

Dunder is a dun A2/A2 Legacy non-chondro bull with great conformation and a gentle personality.  Dunder is truly an all in one package!  Dunder is covering all our cows for 2020 calves.

Legacy Dartraigh Galileo

Galileo is a black A1/A2 chondro carrier Legacy bull prospect.  Born in February 7, 2019 from Legacy Jams Te Baisteach and Legacy Jams Caisey, he is one of only two Legacy chondro carrying bulls left alive, so he is very special.  He is very stocky, has a nice topline, and is out of a cow that throws fast growing calves and has a great udder.  We look forward to growing him out to see how he matures!  

Legacy Jams Caisey

2010 Black Legacy non-chondro cow.  

Daylily Acres' Milkweed

Milkweed is a sweet, Traditional chondro carrier cow that throws fast-growing calves.  

Kaldakur Delilah

Delilah has a balanced, stocky conformation and that beautiful Dexter face.  She is a non-chondro Modern cow.  Exposed to Dunder for a 2020 calf.

Kaldakur Eulalie

Eulalie is our future milk cow.  She is an A2/A2 chondro carrier heifer from Delilah and Marcus.  She is the sweetest, cutest cow you could ask for.  

Legacy Dartraigh Clodagh

2018 Legacy heifer by Legacy Jams Te Baisteach.  

Kaldakur Fannie

2018 Modern chondro carrier heifer from Queen Ann and Marcus.  Really nice, super small heifer.

Kaldakur Flossie

Ultra cute Modern 2018 chondro carrier heifer from Miss Honey Dew and Marcus.

Kaldakur Gretchen

Pending DNA, but a bonus Legacy bred black heifer born May 4, 2019 from Clodagh.

Kaldakur Gussie

Traditional dun heifer calf born June 5, 2019, from Dunder and Milkweed.

Kaldakur Hilda Mae

2020 Dun Traditional Heifer from Milkweed and Dunder.

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