• 2018 TWH Molly Mule

  • Spotted bay with roaning

  • 14h

  • Dewormed with Quest + 2/7/22, 3 way plus WNV 7/6/21

  • Current Coggins

  • $1000 Firm


Vidalia leads and ties.  You can pick up all four feet, you have to be patient to trim her.  She will stand but she doesn't completely trust you with her feet yet - a work in progress.  You can clip her mane at liberty if  you have treats - or just tie her up.  She is pretty good about her ears, but not 100%.  She does enjoy them being scratched. She does get on the trailer and stands pretty nicely, even though it makes her nervous.  She has a lot of try in situations she isn't sure about.  She has been stalled quite a bit, but would prefer to be out.  She does best with a quiet horse next to her.  She is very sweet and loves attention.  She needs a person she can continue building trust with.  She loves and does very well with clicker training.  She loves to show what she knows.



Vidalia is lower in the pecking order, she will submit to most of the other horses, but does occasionally attempts to stand up for herself.  She does chase smaller animals, so I do not recommend putting her out with small cattle or mini animals.  She is okay with full sized cows but I think she would chase a calf.  She will stand next to you to get petted, and is pretty easy to catch.  99% of the time you can walk right up to her and she will put her head in the halter.  Once in awhile she will walk away, but if you walk with her she will stop and let you catch her.