About us...

Kaldakur is a small farm where we raise Icelandic Horses, Dexter Cattle and Mammoth Jackstock. 


We are located in Northern Michigan's Upper Peninsula, in Sault Sainte Marie.  We are conveniently located off I-75, close to the lakes and many area attractions.

Icelandic Stallion
Icelandic Horses

We have over 20 years experience with Icelandic Horses.  We have breeding stock carefully chosen to produce foals suitable for the American market.  Young FEIF registered horses available.

Preservation Irish Dexter Cattle

We are focused on the Traditional and Legacy preservation project, preserving the rare original Dexter cattle lines of the first imports.  Grass fed beef and breeding stock available.

Mammoth Jackstock

We have several American Mammoth Jackstock riding jennies.  Our plans include offering trained riding donkeys and foals in the future.

Phil & Amy Eavou | Sault Ste Marie, Michigan | kaldakur@gmail.com

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