The Eavou Family Farm

Eavou Land and Livestock is owned and operated by Phil and Amy Eavou. Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, our farm is off I-75 in Sault Sainte Marie.

We have raised Icelandic horses since 2001 under the Kaldakur farm name.  We have enjoyed raising over twenty Icelandic foals for the US market. Over the years we have added Dexter cattle, registered and commercial Herefords, as well as Mammoth donkeys and mules. In 2020 we moved to a new farm in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan where we are able to expand our cattle and hay operations.

We sell young Icelandic horses, registered and commercial Herefords as well as freezer beef.  

Icelandic Stallion
Icelandic Horses

We have over 20 years experience with Icelandic Horses.  We have breeding stock carefully chosen to produce foals suitable for the American market.  Young FEIF registered horses available.

Hereford Cattle

We have a registered and a commercial herd of Herefords.  We are focused on developing breeding stock that finishes easily on grass, reproduces easily and produces tender, flavorful beef.

Irish Dexter Cattle

We sold the majority of our Dexter herd, however we retained our three favorite cows to raise a few calves for us.  We are breeding for natural small size, as well as dwarves, excellent temperament, milk production as well as carcass characteristics.  We will sell a few calves every year.  

Mammoth Donkeys

We have several Mammoth sized riding jennies.  We are working toward a performance riding donkey program, where we can offer well trained, athletic riding donkeys.