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1st Generation Family Farmers

Hello!  We are Phil and Amy Eavou.  We, along with our daughter Colter, own and operate Eavou Land & Livestock.  Our calling is to inspire people to be mindful about where their food comes from and how it's produced and realize there is a better way to eat. 

We believe quality, nutrient-dense food comes with a commitment to restoring minerals and diverse beneficial microorganisms into the soil, so they can create nourishing grass for our animals, which in turn creates nutrient-rich beef.  We offer the animals free choice organic salts and bio-available minerals and chemical free grass/hay.  We treat our animals with the utmost respect and kindness, they all have names and individual personalities.  We truly love our animals and want the best lives for them.


We breed registered Hereford cattle for show and beef.  We are aiming to produce an early maturing, grass efficient, structurally correct, moderate-framed cow with longevity, fertility, adaptability and sound feet, eyes and udders.  


We have 40 years combined experience in the Icelandic horse industry but retired from horses in 2023.  We have been building a mammoth size donkey herd over the past few years with an aim to produce performance riding donkeys.  Our program is being spearheaded by our exceptional young jack "I Am Metal", bred by Genesis Farm. 

Thanks to the amazing customers that support us, we are first generation family farmers.  We are thankful you chose to visit our site and hope we can serve you in the future!



In 2020, we were blessed with the opportunity to purchase Hillcrest Farm in Sault Sainte Marie.  Moving to this larger farm opened many doors for our farming venture.  Built in the 1950’s, the farm was originally used as a dairy, and then a beef cattle farm.  The previous owners also raised lambs and draft horses.  

We have several barns, a shop, cattle handling facilities, a beautiful gambrel-roofed dairy barn, and exquisitely maintained pastures and hay fields.  We planted berry bushes the first year we were here, and hope to harvest haskap, raspberries, sour cherries, blueberries and gooseberries in the future.  We hope to be able to offer our berries to the public.  

We are located close to I-75 and M-28 on the Eastern end of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, surrounded by Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.  We can see Canada from the farm and can hear the freighters in the St. Mary's River that are headed for the Soo Locks!

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